fannySejak Mei 2014, Fanny Fajarianti bergabung dengan Chibi Ranran Help Center sebagai Chief Operating Officer (COO). Selama setahun belakang, ia aktif sebagai donatur dan turut mendukung kegiatan-kegiatan yang dilakukan Chibi Ranran Help Center.

Fanny lahir pada 11 Januari dan menyelesaikan pendidikan sarjananya di Sastra Prancis Universitas Indonesia dan Magister Hubungan Internasional di universitas yang sama.

Ia percaya bahwa “Pencapaian terbesar dan teragung dalam hidup manusia adalah memiliki tujuan hidup” (Montaigne).


Since May 2014, Fanny Fajarianti join Chibi Ranran Help Center as a COO. Over the past year, she was active as a donator and also supports Chibi Ranran Help Center’s activities.

Fanny was born on January 11th and completed her bachelor degree in University of Indonesia majoring French Literature and master degree in International Relations in the same university.

She believe that “The great and glorious masterpiece of humanity is to know how to live with  a purpose” (Montaigne).



Chibi Ranran Help Center


#written by Chibi Ranran


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